Tribble Trouble

June 4, 2013


Something i did for fun, you know how troublesome a tribble can bee? eats and breeds,eats,and breeds.



November 16, 2011


Warp 11 theme

I thought the Band WARP 11 could do a rock remake of the battle music (Kroykah) from the Startrek episode (Amok Time) where captain kirk fights Spock

No singing, just instuments

Warp 11 Beam up

June 7, 2010

warp 11

I think warp 11 should have there next picture on a transporter, sick bay, or floating in space.

animated music video by David Reddick

Klingon Love

May 25, 2010

romantic Klingon songs

Another WARP 11 cover design, the klingon coup is supposed to be facing one another, but i could not find nor make such a picture.
song ideas
green woman
cloaked and loaded
F…ing Ferengi

tribble trouble

roar for stovall core

Q-ing  around