Ram driving Ram

January 22, 2016

driving ram

I see a heard of Rams running and then one Ram driving past them all in  a Dodge Ram,    -Ride with the heard  -stand out from the heard

Tribble Trouble

June 4, 2013


Something i did for fun, you know how troublesome a tribble can bee? eats and breeds,eats,and breeds.

Jack people

May 7, 2013

Jack people

King of Curls

October 26, 2012

King of Curls is a Hair salon that specialises in Braiding, weaving, lock, curls and more. I wanted to challenge myself by making Fake adds of it.

This is my furst draft


this is my second


My idea was to spell out the company name with cornrows

Hilton Hotel

June 11, 2012


Paris and Nicky Hilton advertising one of there hotels (Surfers paradise hotel)


Every one is Familiar with the song PUTTING ON THE RITZ and familiar with RITZ crackers so I thought why not combine the two. I wonder if any of todays musical artist well ever remake the song?

SUBWAY Get on Board

April 25, 2012

SUBWAY Get on Board


My idea for a SUBWAY add, I  thought of a subway sandwitch coming into a subway station